1. Performance in each course of study shall be evaluated based on (i) continuous internal assessment throughout the semester and (ii) University examination at the end of the semester.

2. Each course, both theory and practical (including project work & viva voice Examinations) shall be evaluated for a maximum of 100 marks. The project work shall be evaluated for a maximum of 100 marks

3. For all theory and practical courses including project work, the continuous internal assessment will carry 20 marks while the end semester university examination will carry 80 marks.

4. Project work may be allotted to a single student or to a group of students not exceeding 4 per group.

5. The University Examination (theory and practical) of 3 hours duration shall ordinarily be conducted between October and December during the odd semester and between April and June during the even semesters

6. The University Examination for project work shall consist of evaluation of the final report submitted by the student or students of the project group (of not exceeding 4 students) by an external examiner followed by a viva-voice examination conducted separately for each students by a committee consisting of the external examiner shall be appointed by the University

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