Science and Humanities

The Department of Science and Humanities of Cheran College of Engineering aims at providing high quality base for the technical education to its students. It is a unique and integrated department of various disciplines such as English, physics mathematics and chemistry. All the laboratories of this department have best- of -breed equipment and sophisticated well-built infrastructure. Fundamentals have been strengthened during the first year to all disciplines of Engineering. In addition, The Department of English has taken the responsibility to play the pivotal role in promoting the communication skills of the students.

The Faculty of the Department of S&H is a rich blend of personnel with Arts and Science College and Engineering college experience. The dedicated staff members have sound knowledge in emerging various disciplines. A unique attribute of the Department is the favourable student-teacher ratio which ensures productivity and support. Faculty is dedicated to create the best classroom learning .Students are guided in the very first year itself to participate in Seminars, National and international Conferences and symposiums. They are encouraged to present papers and to take part in various competitions. The Department provides full orientation and support to the student community.
Faculty Details

Sl. No. Name of the Staff Designation Specialization / Areas of Interest
1. Mr.V.S.Saravanan Assistant Professor and Head Indian Writing in English.
2. Ms.P.Bagavathidevi Assistant Professor African Literature.
3. Mr.S.Karthick Associate Professor Differential Equation.
4. Mrs.M.Kalaivani Assistant Professor Fuzzy Topology.
5. Mrs.V.Sudha Assistant Professor Stochostic Process.
6. Mrs.S.Kanimozhi Assistant Professor Crystal Growth.
7. Mrs.S.Banumathi Assistant Professor Quantom Dot.
8. Mr.V.Suresh Kumar Assistant Professor Polimer Chemistry.

Non Teaching Faculty Details

Sl. No. Name of the Staff Designation
1. Mr.S.Raja Technical Assistant